Privacy Statement

All of the participating Unions on have 'application' pages included in their content that enable website visitors to complete information forms describing their trades career qualifications, their work experience and listing detailed contact information. It is the visitor's choice to submit this information to the Union.

The information provided is reformatted by’s server and forwarded as an email to the participating Union. A copy is sent for backup purposes only to the owner/operator of

The information provided by web visitors is owned solely by the participating Union and not by or its web services firm, Neither or makes use of the provided information in any way, other than to assist Unions in sorting databases for ‘applicants’ who fit certain qualifications for potential employment. Both firms store the provided information on password-protected computers in secure premises.

Participating Unions make use of the provided information to allow them to solicit the services of qualified 'applicants' for unionized employers. To our knowledge, the sole and only use of the information by the Unions is to enable the applicant to become a member of their Union and thereby connect the web visitor with a potential employer. Contemporary unions are highly aware of Privacy issues, and operate under provincial privacy legislation. takes no responsibility whatever for the improper use of provided personal information by any party. We fully expect that event never to occur.